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SwissKnowledge (also known as SKN) is a SaaS platform which enables collaboration across companies, interactions within companies as well as companies and persons, to make their life more efficient and simplify communication.

The services are designed for small, medium and larger companies. As the SKN architecture is based on a collaboration model, there is full flexibility to support processes along it's business needs and processes. For example for specific divisions within a company, groups across different teams, or also initiatives across different companies.

The functionalities are designed for easy implementation at customer site. With the configuration options provided, all common needs are covered. The effort to get it up and running is therefore as little as possible. For special needs, the standard solutions can be extended based on your individual needs. Interfaces to other SW solutions are provided on request.

To keep the setup at customer site at maximum efficiency, the SKN business model foresees implementation support only by specialised SwissKnowledge experts and for the moment without independent consultancy companies.

The supported languages are German, English and French.

SKN Services and Modules

Basic SKN Functions

The SKN Platform has a set of Basic SwissKnowledge Function, which are available to all services. This way, consistency of data is ensured and every actual and future functionality of SKN profits from a common basic structure and data. Integrity of data is guaranteed.
Examples: Login, User administration, Basic Company Information, Collaboration between people and companies or companies and companies, etc.

Projects & Operations

The company can create projects, that can have each the follwing services:


Human Ressources


  • Contract Management
  • Evaluation Tool (structured assessment of offers, especially for public tenders), offered in collaboration with our partner atrete

Marketing & communication

Special Solutions

SwissKnowledge Structure


You have one (1) login, with which you manage all your access. Be it private or on a company where you belong to.

The Login contains your e-mail and your individual password. Based on the security requirements of a company the login can additionally require a code.

Work on the personal or on the corporate view

User Company Selection EN.jpg

The application gives you the possibility to work

  • as a person (private view)
  • or in the name of a company (corporate view)

Every person with a login on SKN has a private account and represented with your first and last name (in the picture beside shown as 'Demo User'). When a person has access to manage company services, the company is available under the company name ('Demo Company').

Examples of private or corporate view

The following examples give you a good indication of what you can do on the personal account and what can be done on the company account.

Topic Private View Corporate View
Time Reporting You need to be on the private side to do your time reporting. You can do this just for yourself and not in the name of other persons. You can see the reported time (details as well as summary) of all employee's time reporting.
Open items management You can see and manage all open items, where you are project member. This is independent if the project is allocated to the account of company A or company B and you have access across companies with one account.

This is an enormeous advantage of the SKN collaboration architecture and therefore helps e.g. if your clients work with SKN, and you support several clients at the same time.

You need to have the role 'project manager' or 'project portfolio manager' to see the open items of the company where the projects are allocated and where you have access.
Vacation and Absences You enter your vacation and absences once, and this is information is available to the deficated SKN users that need to have this information.

As project member, you can see the absences of the other members of the same project.

The information of absences is available to
  • the line manager where the person is allocated in the organisation
  • the project manager where the person is project member
  • the HR to be able to see e.g. planned / taken holidays in relation to the employee contract
Outsourcing to one or more companies You can order services or products on the same platform, independent of your partner company where the service is outsorced or delivered from. Your company has the inventary of all services in one view, independent on how many external partners you have. The one time and recurring service cost are transparent and online available.

As partner company you have a seemles integration of the orders, delivered services and cost to be charged every month. For partners working also with SKN, no interfaces need to be established.

Beside orders and billing, you can also manage all incidents on SKN and further simplify the life for your employees.

Advantages of the SKN structure

SKN bases on a modular structure and adapts to almost every need, be it for simple or complex situations, be it for small or medium/big companies.

For common business needs

Imagine, you are a small company with 2 or 3 employees and want to have not more tools than necessary in place but cover all needs your company has. With SKN, you manage it in a simple way and in once place

  • HR functions such as employee contracts, employee time management
  • Management of your clients addresses and contacts
  • Time and service reporting with integrated reports and billing
  • Accounting
  • etc.

or imagine, you are an association and want to have 'all in one place', so you can use SKN to

  • Manage your members
  • Send the yearly invoice for the payment of the membership fee
  • Have an accounting of the association integrated with the membership invoices
  • Have an integration with your homepage and show there infos to members in a restricted area
  • etc.

An example for complex business needs

Imagine e.g. the case, that two different companies use SKN for project management and you are working as a external consultant for both companies.This way, you have your personal login, have access to the projects, project documents etc of both companies with your individual login. Extending the thougths further and you imagine that your company also uses SKN.

Life is getting much easier for all participants, as all get the necessary information needed, without duplication of information, supplemental administration effort, or even transcription mistakes

  • Your company gets the reported time for your internal time management
  • Your company creates based on this the correct invoice
  • Your client verifies the correctness on the reported hours on the same data as your company creates the invice, so no further alignement is necessary
  • Invoices never need to be disputed later, as the client as well as your internal manager permanently can have access to reported time and services
  • Your clients project manager has an online view on how much effort is spent on his project and what amount is already consumed
  • Both, your company and also your client see online what work is done and can take action without delay when they see if something is not correct
  • There is no alignement on vacation necessary, as full transparency can be given across companies (also the client's project manager has no work with asking for vacation planning etc.)

Market Positioning

Comparison to other Solutions


- first, our standard provides you standard functionalities at an excellent level
- based on user requirements, many dedicated configuration options are made available for added value
- all features, which increase complexity without corresponding added value, are not integrated
=> The result is an easy to use software with efficient and userfriendly functions

Available modules

- today's modules support small and medium companies in many of their administrative work
- industry-specific modules allow certain business areas to further profit from our solution
- the modules ensure an seemless integration into the SKN word without duplication of data
- if necessary, we provider interface to other software solutions such as SAP, MS Dynamics 365, Abacus, etc.


- with our actual solutions you have maximum efficiency in the implementation as well as in the run of SKN
- if your business requires special features beyond the standard we are happy to discuss and find a way to provide it to you

We do not

- specialise just on one functionality, but aim to cover several business processes of a company
- generate enormeous implementation cost such as an implementation of e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics
- require consulting companies to support the implementation, all what is necessary is provided by our specialists
- spend your money for exaggerated beautiful marketing brochures, but aim to offer a top service at fair prices (total cost) 

Why SwissKnowledge

Efficiency gain

- you profit a maximum thanks moderate implementation as well as operational cost
- no need for your own IT infrastructure (servers, etc.), all hardware cost and software updates are included in the service price
- no internal IT skills are necessary, we care about backups, lifecycle management etc. 

We reduce your internal cost

- you don't need to create and manage your own Excel lists
- thanks to our SaaS solution, your organisation is able to save many working hours on administarion
- our market positionning brings you maximum value in covering many of your processes with the same solution

Employee satisfaction

- thanks to the efficiency gain with SKN, your employees have more time for their work or can profit by having more leisure
- collaboration deserves its name and coordination with business partners becomes simple, without unnecessary conflicts
- home office is fully supported and your employees can profit from their working style
- your IT department does not need to care for the a complex business solution, as the service price covers the end to end standard service

Getting started

As SKN supports collaboration within and across companies, there are different ways to get your services started. The following shows you what you can do or can be done for you to get access to SKN functionalities.

As a company

How to create a company account:

You create the company account (Video) on your own

  1. press the 'login / register' button
  2. click 'sign up'
  3. select if you already have or have not yet a login on SKN and then enter the required information
  4. take contact with SKN to discuss your needs and get the best fitting services (simple services will soon be available in a self-service portal)

⮚ One of your employees gets invited

  1. One of your employees is invited (Video) by e.g. one of your clients using SKN (e.g. on project work)
  2. Your employee gets an invitation to create his own account, as employee of your your company
  3. Your employee can use SKN for what he was invited for, your company has not to pay any fee
  4. The first user of a company always has admin rights. Therefore, you might allocate these rights to another person of your company, once you decide to use SKN services also for your company internally

As a person

How to create a private account:
  1. Normally you get invited (Video) by your company to use SKN.
  2. You accept the invitation and start working on SKN (if you e.g. get invited from a project, you have access to the project right after you have accepted your SKN account.

You create your own account (Video) (we normally do not suggest this approach)

  1. You can create your personal account and can enter some first personal info
  2. To use functionalities from your company you then need to get invited by the company
  3. You start working on the functionalities for which you have been invited

Price structure

It is important to us to have a clear and transparent pricing. Each service is paid per user. It is only differentiated between a normal user, and 'admin' users such as PM or PPM. Some services are priced independent of the users. All prices are provided in CHF.

Prices of SKN services in CHF, per month
user admin (PM, PPM) other
Activity Reporting and Reports 11.50 * 34.00 -
Open Items Management 5.30 * 34.00 -
Shop / Service-Orderings - 9.50 ** 0.35/article
Recurring Services and Inventory - * 34.00 *** 0.35/inventory item
Customer relationship management (CRM) - **** 21.30 -

* only charged once per user
** max 1000 sold articles per month
*** from active projects
**** max 8'000 mails per month

For all other services please contact the customer service for pricing information. We are happy to make you a customized offer

Swissknowledge on Youtube

You can find various examples and instructive videos on our Youtube channel. In general they are also linked from the correspondig chapters in the wiki.